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Trademark is an important asset of any company. Any business is known by its name and protecting the name is equal to protecting the business.

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Protection against Copycats

Nobody will dare to copy your brand name once it is a registered trademark

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Registered brand is Most valuable asset of the Company

Many brands in the world value their trademark more than their any other physical assets. Brand value is derived only when the company has absolute right over the brand name through trademark protection

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Helps in expansion of business and growth

Trademark can be rented and royalty can be earned under licensing agreement. Franchising model solely depends upon trademark licensing and transfer.

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Helps in image building and credibility in Market

Customers give more preference to registered brands with TM tag


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There was a little bit of anxiety and doubt when I contacted them as I was from one side of the country and they were from other side and I was new to online filing and documentation process. But the service I got from them was marvelous. These guys are so professional, that I never felt to be new to them. The execution of papers, documentation and processing was first class. They finished the assignment before committed time and pricing is absolutely affordable and value for money.

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1. What is a Trademark?

Trademark is a logo, brand name, product name, website name, word or punch line by which customers recognize or differentiate the products or services of one company from another.

2. Who can apply for Trademark Registration?

Any Individual Person, Company, Trust, NGO, even Govt. agency can apply for Trademark.

3. What can be Trademarked?

Business name, product name, website domain name, brand name, logo or slogan can be trademarked.

4. What is trademark search?

Trademark search is done to check if the name to be registered is already taken by others or is closely similar to existing trademarks in trademark database. Proper trademark search is important in trademark registration process.

5. Who is a Trademark Consultant?

Trademark consultant is a lawyer or attorney specialised in Trademark laws. They are also known as Trademark Agents.

6. Who is a Trademark Lawyer or Trademark Attorney?

Trademark Lawyer is an expert in trademark laws and trademark name registration process. Trademark attorney and lawyer is one and the same.

7. How to get a Trademark Protection?

By filing a trademark application with Indian Trademark Registry, you can protect your trademark. Startupwala makes it easy for anyone to file for Trademark application. For more details, please fill the above details and

8. What is the cost for Trademark Registration in India?

Government Fees for each trademark application is Rs. 4,500, Startupwala trademark consultant fees is Rs. 998.

9. How the Online Trademark Process works?

Firstly detailed trademark check is conducted, after that one page authority letter is signed by the owner, then the Consultant files the application with the trademark registry.

10. When can I use (TM) symbol?

You can use (TM) mark as soon as the Trademark application is filed and you receive acknowledgement receipt. (R) mark can be used once trademark is registered.

11. Is it difficult to trademark?

Startupwala's online Trademark application process is very simple and economical. Our Clients regularly tell us that they thought trademark registration would have been very complex and costly affair but after experiencing Startupwala's service they felt that they should have done this much before. See what our clients want to say about us. TESTIMONIALS

12. What is Class of Trademark?

Knowing the correct class of trademark under which your brand name to be registered is the key element in successful trademark registration.

In all, there are 45 classes in Trademark, in simple terms these are 45 different business segments. These classes are broadly divided into 3 categories.

Manufacturing: Class 1 to 34

Trading: Class 35

Services: Class 35 to 45

Identifying under which exact class your business/product/service falls is important.

Wrong classification may lead to wrong trademark application and waste of time, money and losing of your brand name to your competitors.

13. What is the time validity of trademark?

Trademark, the word is a combination of TRADE and MARK, means a mark which is used in trade, commerce or business. If you close down your business, in legal sense, if you do not carry on any business under your trademark then it will cease to exist. However in practical sense the trademark registry will continue to show your trademark alive unless it is withdrawn by you or it expires after 10 years of registration, due to non-renewal.

14. When should we renew the trademark registration?

Every 10 years the trademark to be renewed, so that you can use your trademark for indefinite time.

15. Can I sell my trademark?

Yes, As we know that trademark is an intellectual property of the owner, as other property can be sold for a price, the same way a trademark can be sold for a price.