17 Things Shiv Khera Wants Startups to Know in 2019

Bala Nadar
January 15, 2018

For youth of late 90's and 2000, Shiv Khera is a very important name. Shiv Khera is an author, business coach and a motivational speaker. His international best-seller "YOU CAN WIN" has sold over 3.4 million copies in 21 languages. And has made a profound impact on our thinking.

Last week, I happened to meet him during his high impact workshop. Meeting him personally and spending a whole day was like a dream come true. I have spent many nights reading his stories and slept with them unknowingly.

This is my personal collection freshly revised for Start-ups in the year 2019.

Here we go!

Shiv Khera You can win

#1 We don't have business problems we have people problems. When we take care of our people problems, most of our business problems are automatically resolved.

This is a no brainer, according to Harvard study (August 2016) at the heart of most of business problems lies is people problems: negative attitude, interpersonal conflict, miscommunication, poor decision-making and more. Start-ups must find and learn to fix people problems first.


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#2 People are NOT the Assets of the Company, Only Right People are the Assets of the Company, Rest are All Liabilities

You might have heard this 100 times that people are your assets. This is one of the biggest Startup Traps. Those who shout that they are the assets of the company are in reality liabilities; for Assets never need to tell their worth, it is obvious.


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#3 Winners always put in extra effort even when it hurts. Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win.

Mr. Khera says this with lots of conviction, many times the difference between the winner and the looser is that extra effort even when it hurts. Go and put your best show, it's now or never.


You can win

#4 To be successful you must Remember “I shall always give more than what I get, to my family, my organisation, my customers and my society.

Put this on every wall of your little office, always try to give more than what you get. Never put a price tag, be priceless by giving that little more.


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#5 Direction is more important than Speed. Many People are going nowhere Fast.

Wow, this is my favourite one, whether in business or in life, many times we are clueless about things; that may be due to speed over direction. Stop and ask whether you have started right.


Shiv Khera You can win

#6 Maintain an Idea Book, Ideas evaporate faster than we think.

This way you will be able to free your mind for more.


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#7 The World only Rewards Results and not Efforts.

We value ourselves by Efforts and the world values us by Results. It's not their problem, it is our problem that we don't know the rule of the game.


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#8 Business is never B2B or B2C, it is always P2P (People to People). Invest in your People

People only want to buy from those whom they like. Create an organisation of like-worthy people.


Shiv Khera You can win

#9 Motivation is like Fire, unless you add fuel it dies out.

Set small goals and celebrate their achievement. You need to remind yourself and peers that every day is a step towards your goal.


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#10 The Greatest Job Security is Performance.

The show must go on.If you keep doing what need to be done, you need not worry about your job or business.


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#11 Athletes train 15 years for a 15 second performance. There is no substitute to Hardwork.

Hardwork, when done innovatively becomes smartwork. Keep running


Shiv Khera You can win

#12 So long as you have your eyes on the Goal, you don't see the Obstacles.

Failures and problems are mere distractions, they will loose their importance, if you have clear focus on what you want to achieve. Nothing less than success should be your Goal.


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#13 Human Multitasking is the Ability to do Multiple Things, BUT one at a time

One At a Time is in Bold. Multitasking does not mean distracting yourself.


Shiv khera books

#14 SKILL teaches us How to do. WILL decides How well we do.

It is the fire in the belly which matters more, than how much you know about your trade.


Shiv Khera You can win

#15 90 percent of Selling is Conviction and 10 percent is Persuasion.

Buyer can see through you, never sell what you won't be motivated to buy yourself. Conviction comes with confidence.


Shiv khera books

#16 Trust is a much greater compliment than Love. There are People that we do Love but cannot Trust. Be Trustworthy

You might have heard people saying Trust sells itself, you need no selling. More than being just cool, be trustworthy.


Shiv Khera You can win

#17 Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently

I hope this one is worth Sharing with the World. Comment about the your best pick from this list.

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