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on How to Close a LLP in India

When existence of the Company as a legal entity comes to an end it is known as the Closure of OPC.

It is necessary to file Closure with the ROC as ROC or MCA data base need to be updated and the LLP is free from all its legal compliances as it is officially closed.
Even though business of the company is closed, unless closure documents are filed and approved by the ROC, company is not legally closed and the LLP needs to file all the regular returns.

FTE is a company closure scheme initiated by MCA for easy and faster closure of LLP.

Any LLP which has been inoperative for more than 1 year or incorporated for more than One year and have no business can apply for Closure under FTE scheme.
Form 11 & Form 8 filing need to be up to date, otherwise the closure of LLP may be rejected by ROC

The filing fees for Form FTE is Rs. 1000.

Fill the above details and submit. You will get documents in 1 minute.

Application for Striking off of the LLP, Partners Meeting Resolution for closure, Consent of Partners, Partners' Affidavit, Indemnity Bond, Statement of Assets and Liabilities.

The Form has to filled be filed with ROC office within 30 days from the date of Signing of the Statement of Assets and Liabilities.

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