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on Reply to Trademark Examination Report Objection in India

Trademark Objection means, the trademark registry has examined or checked your trademark application and while checking, they have reasons to object the application and ask for clarification on certain points. The registry uploads a copy of Examination Report on their official website (trademark application status) and sends a letter to the applicant asking for reply.

Here the Objection is raised by the Trademark department on its own and there is no third party, company or competitor brand which has raised its objection. Such third party raising objection is called Trademark Opposition.

It is important to submit a proper reply to TM objection report within 30 days of issue of the report.

If a legal reply is not filed, the trademark registry may cancel the trademark application and update the status of the application as Abandoned

Procedure to submit objection response requires legal knowledge and drafting skills. Please fill in above details and Startupwala Trademark Experts will do the rest. There is no fixed format for trademark objection reply and it depends upon case to case.

The objection reply is submitted online and you receive an acknowledgment of the reply. The PDF copy of Reply is uploaded on Trademark Registry website under your application.

The Status will still be shown as Objected until the Registry reviews the reply and accepts the trademark or rejects it. Normally this process takes around six months to an year.