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on Reply to Copyright Objection in India

Copyright Objection means, the copyright department has examined or checked your copyright application and while checking, they have reasons to object the application and ask for clarification on certain points. The copyright registry sends a letter to the applicant asking for reply.

It is important to submit a proper reply to Copyright objection letter within 15-30 days of issue of the letter.

If a legal reply is not filed, the copyright registry may cancel the copyright application and update the status of the application as Rejected

Procedure to submit objection response requires legal knowledge and drafting skills. Please fill in above details and Startupwala Copyright Experts will do the rest. There is no fixed format for copyright objection reply and it depends upon case to case.

The objection reply is posted to the copyright department, once the reply is received by the registry they will review the copyright application and will proceed with registration.

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