How to Get 21 Legal Agreements Free for Your Startup in 2 Minutes [Infographic]

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February 7, 2017
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What you are going to read and do in next 2 minutes has saved Rs. 875 Crore (around $123 million) for Indian Startups from 2016 to till date.

Yes, you read it right.

These 21 legal agreements in total costed a minimum of Rs. 70,000 for each startup.
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Free 21 Legal agreements

#1 Employee Appointment Contract

Contract of Services between employer and employee or consultant

#2 Employee Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreement

Contract for maintaining confidentiality by employee and non-engagement in similar business which may be harmful for employer

#3 Employee Promotion & Increment Letter

Letter format for informing promotion and salary increment to employee

#4 Employee Exit Documents

Documents to be issued at the time of exit from the company

#5 Leave & License or Rent Agreement

Contract between the property owner and the lessee company.

#6 Work Space Sharing Agreement

Contract between Startup and the owner for renting co-working space for entrepreneurs and freelancers

#7 Trademark Assignment Deed

Contract between the seller and buyer of a trademark, which helps the buyer to use the good will and brand popularity.

#8 Franchise Agreement

Allows the franchisee to operate business under the name of the Franchisor on profit sharing basis.

#9 Software License Agreement

Contract used by Software Startup to inform the buyer tohow the software can be used, and details restrictions that are imposed on the software.

#10 Freelance Agreement

Startups appoint freelancers for outsourcing of specialised work and the Contract is a must.

#11 Business Non Disclosure Agreement

The NDA is a very important contract to protect the business secrets and maintaining commercial confidentiality

#12 Takeover or Sale of Business Agreement

The takeover agreements helps to buy or sell the business.

#13 Memorandum of Understanding MOU

There are variety of legal understandings entered between parties like shareholders, business partnerships or joint venture.

#14 Website Use Terms & Conditions

Used in websites for informing the visitors about the terms of using the website.

#15 Website Privacy & Refund Policy

Used in websites for informing the visitors about data privacy, cancellation of transactions and refund

#16 Social Media Policy

Policy document shared with the employees and others how the brand should and should not be represented online.

#17 Resolution for Bank Account Opening

A board of directors meeting resolution is required for opening a Bank account and the resolution issued by the Startup to the Bank

#18 Resolution for Change in Authorised Signatory in Bank

The resolution of board meeting format for changing the signatory to Bank account of the Company.

#19 Resolution for Registration with Government or Tax Authorities

Authority to sign and submit documents for Govt. licence is required by director or third party.

#20 General Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is an important legal document to allow someone else to act on behalf of the Company.

#21 Specific Power of Attorney

Power of attorney when given for specific work and not a blanket permission is called specific POA.

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